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Why is The Wakatipu considered a premier wedding destination?

The marriage service?

Do we have input 
into our ceremony?

What about music?

Can confetti be used?

Can photos be taken during the ceremony?

Are there times when we cannot book a wedding?

How many guests
can we have?

What does it cost
to have David preside?

What do we do next?

Marriages have been celebrated in The Wakatipu for over for 160 years.

The Wakatipu is New Zealand’s premier tourist destination and the stunning vista across lakes to the mountains and this makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

David (The Reverend Dr. David Wright) prefers to follow the normal practices of the the Anglican Church in Aotearoa\New Zealand and the Pacific.

David prefers to use one of the three different Marriage Services in the NZ Anglican Prayer Book.

These are Christian Marriage Services, led by David who is an ordained Anglican Priest and former Vicar of The Wakatipu.


Normally, David expects that at least one of the couple should have been baptised in a Christian Church and this can be discussed with David during your wedding planning.

The services ARE based on the NZ Anglican Prayer Book, but there is a great deal of flexibility in the choice of prayers, readings, music etc. You may have a Remembrance Candle Lighting, or other special features and these, and more, can be discussed with David when arranging your wedding. Both secular and religious readings can be used during the ceremony. Your wedding ceremony usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. If you need more time, just please ask David.

Our organist\pianist can be available to play at your ceremony.


You need to plan music for a processional (bride walking down the aisle), the signing of the licences and the recessional (the bridal couple leading us out from the ceremony).

One or more suitable hymns may be sung at your ceremony.

Just discuss your musical requests with David.

Always striving for "clean and green" weddings, David advises against confetti (but do check with your venue co-ordinator and\or wedding planner). David suggests that fresh or dried rose petals are an acceptable alternative.

All local photographers and videographers know David and have worked with him before and are always extremely professional and respectful and this ensures that there is no distraction from the marriage of the bride and groom.

You may book your wedding for any day\time of the week, with the following exceptions:

  • Sunday mornings,